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Our Services

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FEASIBILITY & Concept Design

We explore and evaluate your process options and carry out rapid concept design.

This details the technical benefits, illustrates the solutions for your team and de-risks your program.

MAke & Build

AOE source and manage the manufacture and assembly of bespoke components and equipment for customers with capacity or capability constraints.

Contact us for a competitive quote today.


At AOE we have a proven approach that brings together partners and suppliers, managing risks and delivering solutions for customers on time & budget. We carry this out for our our own equipment projects as well as offering as a stand-alone service.


We offer ongoing care packages for all the equipment we supply. We recognise that customers needs vary and can tailor these to suit. Scheduled maintenence, statutory inspections and training of customer teams can all be provided.

Our Products

A109753 - Urea Tank - Mast - Vacuum Crad


Industrial lifting equipment takes many forms from simple hoists and grippers through to fully-integrated line-tracking intelligent industrial manipulators. We are specialists in selecting the correct approach and developing your solution.

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Integrating equipment to work seamlessly across process steps is a speciality of ours.

We ensure simplicity and efficiency of the production facility by focussing on the core process and removing wasted steps, time and resource.



We specialise in fixed industrial cranes. We provide complex integrated heavyweight systems or simple stand-alone lightweight solutions. Floor, roof and wall mounted. And, of course, combinations of all of the above!

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DC tool Handling 

The adoption of electronic tightening systems for fasteners across many industries brings a requirement for torque reaction arms. These support the tool in a variety of positions and orientations and resist the torque. We have a wealth of experience in providing generic and specialist solutions for both single and multispindle applications.


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